For many, a pregnancy is an exciting experience. But, if your pregnancy is unplanned or if you feel unprepared, having a baby can be stressful and scary.

It doesn’t have to be. You’re not alone.

Birthright offers free support during every stage of your pregnancy. We are a friend when you discover you are pregnant, during your pregnancy, and after your child is born.

Everything we offer is free of charge and free of judgment.

When you call Birthright or visit our office, you are no longer alone. You have options.

[in italics]"We give help, no matter what stage of pregnancy the girl finds herself .... Our aim, therefore, is to understand and make known in our community our basic philosophy that every girl or woman who becomes pregnant, whether she is married or single, has the right to give birth, and to be given the help to carry this child to term. In order to do this, we must take a personal interest in her well-being and have an appreciation of her specific needs, and make appropriate use of community resources to help resolve her difficulties ... We attempt to understand the problem and give individualistic personal care, establishing with the girl a trusting, loving relationship ... The essence of Birthright is love."

(The Story of Birthright, Louise Summerhill)